A representative sampling of magazines where my articles and fiction have appeared:

Flight Journal
‘The Man Who Gave Me My Father’
Flight Journal re size


Southern Oregon Magazine
‘Write of Passage’ - Article
Wes Bishop Screenwriter article
Southern Oregon resize


American Way, American Airlines Magazine
‘Widowers’ – Short Fiction
American Way re size


Alaska Airlines Magazine
‘Reflections in 8mm’ – Article
Alaska Airlines re size


Horizon Air Magazine
‘Monster Hugs’ – Article
Horizon Air re size


‘Partners’ – Article
Equus re size


Inside Kung Fu
‘Robert Clouse: Bruce Lee’s Trusted Ally’ – Article
Inside Kung Fu re size


Texas Live Magazine
‘Bastrop’s Warm Embrace’ – Article
Texas Live re size


Notre Dame Magazine
‘The Maestro & Me’ – Article
Notre Dame re size


Teachers of Vision
‘Vessel of Grace’ – Article
Teachers of Vision re size


St. Anthony Messenger
‘Sky Door’ – Short fiction
St. Anthony re size