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Fear drives most of us.  

But what happens when a frightening and debilitating encounter from our past confronts us again decades later? 

This is the central conflict at the heart of Veraana, an epic story of man vs. nature as well as against himself.  

Rogan Quinn, a rugged, 62 year-old herpetologist, must confront a magnificent creature he first encountered as a young boy deep in the Amazon jungle. Partnered with a charismatic but naïve National Geographic photographer, Rogan must not only capture the legendary reptile that proves to be real but must also face the crippling fear he has long run from that now threatens to break him. 

In the midst of his Quest, Rogan is reunited with a life-long friend, Kilee,’ a native to the region he has returned to. Kilee’s sensitivity, good humor and knowledge of the jungle help Rogan navigate the surreal, green world. He also comes face to face with a love from long ago and must save his ex-fiancée from the terror that turns the hunter into the hunted.

In the tradition of Jaws, King Solomon’s Mines and The Ghost and The Darkness, Veraana takes us deep in the heart of a world few have seen. Rogan and the family of characters surrounding him take us on a journey fraught with danger, death and the relentless fear of entering the heart of darkness…both within and without. And there is no looking back.



Can a widowed 32 year old private investigator who is a crack shot but has a difficult time pulling his gun, and whose family is comprised of an intuitive and loyal German Shepherd, a precocious cat and a remarkably domesticated King snake, keep a shadowy figure from his past from being murdered?

Less than a year from losing his beloved wife former Seattle police officer Ethan Garrett’s past collides with his present when a childhood friend suddenly appears out of the haze of years, seeking help. It soon becomes apparent that his friend has placed Ethan directly in the path of a ruthless shipping magnet who’s using the city’s zoo as a cover for bringing in large quantities of heroin. Ethan’s life becomes a kaleidoscope of danger, intrigue and mystery as he tries to keep his friend safe all the while moving through the shadows of their past that seemingly connects with his latest case. 

Part detective thriller, parting coming-of-age tale at approximately 75,000 words, Brother’s Keeper brings us a vulnerable but resilient hero whose keen mind and struggling faith help him move through real world pain populated with an array of memorable characters.